Unroot any Android device safely
With one click you can unroot any phone easily.
Simple app that allows you to enter hidden menus for MediaTek and Samsung devices without using the phone dialer
Fetch http or https headers of any web page
Restore the full factory settings of any Android device
Media Tek Engineer Mode
Force stop apps to improve device performance
Remove lags from system ui and improves its performance
Optimize RAM, system speed and decrease high CPU usage
Discover Device Features and Capabilities
App Data Cleaner For Rooted Devices
Optimize Running Applications by Wiping out Dalvik Cache
Change the MTU of any Chosen Adapter
Fix Bluetooth Problems Easily on Rooted Devices
Fix Battery Problems Easily
Add tethering feature
powerful unit converter with simple user interface
factory-reset your device
Decrease high CPU usage and increase RAM availability
invokes the Media Tek Engineer Mode without using the phone dialer.
Media Tek Engineer Mode Menu and Tools
Discover the Beauty of Lindenmayer Systems
With just a tap on the "Flush DNS" button you can clear the DNS cache from your device.