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L-systems are formal string rewriting systems introduced in 1968 by the botanist Aristid Lindenmayer to model the growth of plants. 

To produce pictures from L-systems, we need some method of translating the strings into drawing instructions. A common alphabet is F = {F,+,-[.]}, interpretations take forms such as :
+ Turn counterclockwise by a specified angle q 
- Turn clockwise by a specified angle q 
F Move forward one step while drawing a line 
[ Save position and angle 
] Restore last position and angle 
1 You can use up to 5 rules. 
2 Select from a set of 15 examples to start with. 
3 The last set of instructions are saved, will be retrieved when the app is started or resumed. 
4 The maximum number of instruction is limited to 10,000,000 (10 Millions). 
5 Support of both portrait and landscape modes. 
I would like to thank Kevin Roast for allowing me to use his L-Systems library which made this implementation possible (www.kevs3d.co.uk/dev/index.html)


LSystemsExplorerFree.apk 711 kB

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