A downloadable tool for Android

Are you tired from trying fake apps that does not optimize and fix your battery problems ? 
Your Android phone or tablet is not charging properly ? 
Facing Battery Drain Problems ? 
Then you are looking at the "The real McCoy" application 
This app is very simple app that will help you optimize and fix all your battery problems easily in order to improve battery health. 

1. Connect charger to your device and click the repair button 
2. Reboot your device and keep your device connected to the charger until it is fully charged 
3. Keep your device connected to charger and press repair button 
4. Reboot your device . 
Now you are finished repairing your battery 
You can unplug the charger. 

1- This app is for rooted devices please make sure you have superuser app installed as a system app in order to grant access. 

2- Tested on MTK6575, MTK6582 Rooted Devices. 

compatible with all other devices


BatteryRepair.apk 1 MB

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