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Are you searching for an application that can optimize RAM and your system speed in order to decrease high CPU usage ? 
Many users had requested an app that can disable (kill) background processes automatically on startup and stays running in the background while using their devices. 
Now we are providing the best solution by providing the best features with the best price in order to fulfill the users requests. 
Main Features: 
1- Exclude Apps from being killed by checking the processes that you want to avoid killing them. 
2- Excluded processes must be saved by clicking on the save button in the Action Bar. 
2- Keeps optimizing RAM in the background. 
Note : The application will keep optimizing your device RAM in the background so you do not need to keep the application opened, you can close it at any time.(Root is not required). 
You will notice significant performance improvement while using this application: 
1- Smooth Scrolling 
2- Playing Games Smoothly 
3- Opening Applications Smoothly and Fast 
4- Fast system start up (Will make your device to start fast) 
If you think that this application must be a part of your ROM (OS) you can give our application a good rating. 
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